It's Peter Brown!

Sunday, April 14, 2013
It's Peter Brown is actually Peter Brown's twitter name. I think it is perfect, just like his books! Do you know his work? NO!?! If you have a child 4-10, come meet a few of my Peter Brown faves!
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Come learn a little bit more about this one (all about friendship-perfect for back to school) from Lucy the Bear and Mr. Brown himself. I LOVE THIS BOOK, so do T and my class! 

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Moms and Dads-Lucy finds a boy and asks mom if she can keep it. Mom gives in (shocker!) and Lucy keeps Squeaker. Things do not go as well as Lucy planned. FuN!
Teacher friends-I use this one for persuasive writing and inference.
Product Details
Moms and Dads-This is perfect for talking about how we must respect nature and nurture our environment.
Teacher friends-I use this for Earth Day. It is beautiful!
Now Peter Brown did not write this one, but he did do the amazing illustrations. This book is (quoting T here) "so cool!!"

Visit his website, too. There are lots of videos, freebies, and a pretty easy way to make your own hardcover book! 

Do you have a favorite Peter Brown book? Can you tell which one is mine?

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