Little Miss Outdoors

Friday, April 12, 2013
That's me!! Lover of the wind blowing in my hair, the bugs clinging to my clothes, and the sun beating down on my face! Ah, nature! Ha! As we know from a previous post, I am the opposite. I am Little Miss Indoors! Oooh, I like that! 

I put on my big girl britches though and headed for Stone Mountain with the family. My guys loves being outside and we are always up for an adventure. SO GLAD WE WENT! I love the new and improved (hadn't been in 10 years) Stone Mountain!

A few highlights...
4D Movie~Journey to the Center of Earth! Loved it! 
Checking out the ATL from atop the mountain!
Goofing off with daddy and dancing across the top!
Train ride around the mountain~so relaxing!
Wildlife Wonders showed us a chinchilla, kangaroo, alligator, and more! We even petted them! T LOVED the campground adventure...especially the zipline!
T also loved the Barn-an indoor playhouse where you climb and slide and shoot foam balls at people. AWESOME! We did not do the Geyser because we did not want to get wet, but it looked super fun! We stayed for the laser show and it was great, too! It was missing a little ATL hip hop, but that's ok! 

By far, and I am very serious, the best part of Stone Mountain was the atmosphere. Every single employee we encountered was beyond friendly. They were so helpful and nice. Seriously-it was like being in Disney World! 

Our family had a blast and will be going back for sure....any time except summer, I mean, we know how I feel about extreme heat!

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