It All Started with a Tweet!

Sunday, April 28, 2013
One of my all time favorite Twitter guys/librarians/book lovers, Mr. Schu, tweeted about a book giveaway for Ame Dyckman and Dan Yaccarino's Boy + Bot. I had read about the book in the post and knew I had to have it for my guy. So I entered and also added it to my wishlist (that's what I do!) Days passed and AH! we won the book! 
T and I were tickled pink the day it arrived! We didn't even make it in the garage before he was reading it. (Big fan of robots AND receiving mail!) 
We read it 4,567 times and he packed it in his backpack himself! Boy+Bot was going to preschool! T reported back to me that the class loved the book. We then read it 1,234 more times and I let Ame Dyckman know about all the book love via Twitter! She messaged back that she would be happy to send a little something for T's class. I was all like, "no way!" Just a few days later, T had another box! 
We could not believe it! This sweet author, this talented writer, took the time to write a sweet note to T's class, and send bookmarks, stickers, and bracelets! Needless to say....happy kids and super happy T. Who does that? A special person, that's for sure! He loved sharing them with classmates and his teacher and Mommy loved sharing them with her class and our librarian! I have told everyone I know about Boy+Bot and the kindness of the author-Ame Dyckman! She has a passion for reading, for inspiring our youngest readers!

I (of course) read the book with my class-friendship, inferring, compare, contrast, pictures telling story, retell. They LOVED it! Shared it with our kindergarten team, too. I could not resist! It is a sweet story, and a story within a story. The pictures are amazing, too.

Click HERE to order your copy, or better yet, buy it from an independent bookstore! Then click HERE to visit Dyckman's blog where she shares books and right now is talking about one of my favorites-WONDER


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