My One Little Word for 2015!

Monday, January 12, 2015
So what will my one little word for 2015 be? I don't do resolutions anymore, so I have to really stick to this one.little.word. 

Choosing the word or waiting for the word to choose me is hard! You can read about my previous words here. But what, oh what is my word for 2015? What is the word I will live by, hold onto, embrace and celebrate all year long?

I've had a few contenders....

but none of them resonated with me. None of them made my heart smile enough. 

Last year's LIVE was good to me. I performed in front of a huge audience, traveled more, presented new workshops, tried not to sweat the small stuff, spent more time with the people I love, and snuggled when I should have been cleaning the house! I LIVED

2014 also broke my heart. I need a comeback with this one little word. I need rejuvenation for 2015! 

One night, T and I were having a conversation about numbers. He was talking about how one was so small and that it wasn't a lot but that he liked one dollars. It was a good talk. I explained that one is HUGE and that is all about perspective. No, perspective is not my word, but it is a good one!! 

It reminded me of the book One by Kathryn Otoshi (which I highly recommend for kids and grownups!)  It's all about how one can make a difference.
That's when it happened. That's when my word walked right up and gave me a big ol' kiss on the cheek! My one little word for 2015 is ONE.
One as in......
      it only takes one
      one day at a time
      one good deed
      it will happen one day
      one life to live
      be the one
      one more try
      one new member to our family
One and I are ready to remember the best parts of 2014 and embrace the year ahead. 

What is your one little word? 

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