Disney 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
No, no, don't let the title fool you! We are not planning a trip to Disney in 2015........yet. :)

This Disney 2015 is all about the movies heading our way! We are movie people and several of these releases are high on our list!

Here's what Disney has in store for us this year!
Cinderella! I wasn't so sure, but now that I have seen the trailer, I say yes!

Monkey Kingdom YES!! My class and our 3rd grade book buddies will be seeing this at the theater together! 

Strange Magic  While I'm not so sure, T is especially excited about this one!

Of course, there are others-McFarland USA (looks great too,) Avengers (not happening,) Tomorrowland and Inside Out (maybe,) Ant Man (Pops will love it,) The Jungle Book (I just love the original!) The Good Dinosaur, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (again, Pops will love it.)

Which one are you excited to see?

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