Day of Positivity

Monday, January 5, 2015
The first day back in the grind! I'm off to school today for a teacher workday. Now my neighbor calls these days teacher playdays. I of course, set him straight! We'll have a meeting a or two, I'll work on report  cards, plan for the week ahead, etc. It's no playday! 

That first day is the hardest. Your belly yearns for all the bad food you've been eating. Your nap alarm continues to go off in your head. You're wearing clothes but you are daydreaming of wearing your jammies. It's the first day blues.

Well, good news! Today has officially been declared The Day of Positivity by Spongebob! In honor of his upcoming movie (out 2/6) Spongebob wants us all to share the positive vibe! 
If you have lots of love for Spongebob or no love at all, everyone should be able to agree on this! We need more positive energy! 

Turn those first day blues into the first day grooves with these tips! 

*Turn on the radio while you work! Yes, I'll be jamming out while lesson planning!

*Tell everyone good morning!

*Buy your pal a soda or a delicious coffee! 

*Snuggle with your child and/or spouse and tell them all the things you love about them! You'll both feel great!
*Hang a picture of your child somewhere new today, at eye level. Every time you feel a little first day blue sneaking up on you, glance up! 

You are ready for the day! Happy Day of Positivity! Celebrate today and everyday! 

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