Baby No Name, The Trouble Naming Number 2!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Having baby number two is pretty exciting, but having baby number two of the same sex presents a bit of a challenge......a name.

It was hard enough to decide with our first guy, but here we are four weeks out and Baby No Name is starting to stick!

I think it was my friend Shelly who once said choosing the name for the second child of the same sex is hard because you've already used your first string names. You're moving to second string and there is nothing you can do about it. 

Family names? No
Book characters? No
Names that sound good with T? That's the goal!

NOTHING! We've got nothing people! I like one name, T likes another, and N likes neither! Ahh!
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Make no mistake, T has a list of names and at the top of his list is his own name. That's right, he wants to name the baby after himself. His other choices are Elvis and Walt Disney. 

Naming your baby is hard! You want the name to be perfect! You have to make sure it sounds right, doesn't rhyme with anything inappropriate, etc. 

Adding to this naming toughness is the fact that I am a teacher! You say a name and a child's face pops into my head. It's true! That memory can be one of smiles for days or fear and woe! It's a challenge friends, it's a challenge! 

What we do know is that our son will have one American name and one Indian name, just like T. That's pretty much it!

Friends and strangers are throwing names at us left and right! Want to join the fun? Please do! 

What should we name our January bundle of joy? Maybe you'll be better at this than we are!  


  1. Oh, Lyssa! I do feel your pain! Even though I am a grandma now, I remember having trouble naming our 2nd child. We didn't even name him until after he was born!!
    I chuckled about what you said about names of students that bring smiles and names that don't. My 3 top names of don'ts are: Sophia, Dylan, and Jabian. Since you are such an advocate of reading, I would look at some of your favorite character names and see if you find one that T likes as well. Also, I just got back from Israel and on the way, I watched the movie 100 Foot Journey and I loved it!! The star of the movie is Manish Dayal and his character's name was Hassan. I think that sounds good. :) Names are so important! So, take your time and I know you and your family will come up with a good name soon!! God bless!!

    1. I think we are going to be in the same boat!! I'm imagining the doctor handing me the baby and a name popping into my head! Fingers crossed! 100 Foot Journey is on my list to watch on maternity leave! Love him!!!

      Thanks for your good advice! I know you are right, but the closer it gets, the more nervous I become! Thanks for taking the time to comment! You seriously make my day! I'd love to hear more about Israel, too! Happy New Year!

  2. Oooh boy. I went through the same struggle with my girls. I didnt have a name for Elan (Lani) until the final month. Happy delivery and baby naming. XO

    1. It's such a hard decision! You came up with two beautiful names though, so maybe I'll be as lucky! Happy New Year!


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