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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
My friend over at Long Live Learning was a recent recipient of the Liebster Award! As part of the award, she chose 11 other bloggers to interview with 11 questions. This way we can all learn a bit more about each other! Her questions were fun to answer! 

1. Have you ever planned an entire family vacation around something your child wanted to do or learn?
Yes! Just recently, we headed to Huntsville, AL because T wanted to know more about space! 
2. What destination has provided your family with the most enriching experiences? Tell us why it was special.
This is a toughie! I think all of our travels are enriching, but I think maybe the most powerful are the ones where we are the most tired or 100 things go wrong. Those are the times we grow the most as a family and that is pretty enriching.
3. What are some major contributing factors to making or breaking your family vacations?
If we get lost more than three times, I kind of lose my marbles! Oooh, another one is if we don't sleep. This family NEEDS sleep! 
4. Give us some details about how you discover interesting stops & attractions for your family travel? Are there specific websites or guides you love to use for this?
We are pretty brave when it comes to stepping off the beaten path! We are also big believers in reaching out to friends and family for tips.
5. When your family gets restless in the car, express dislike of accomodations, or bickering begins; how do you nip negativity from your trip?
We play the "at least" game. For example, the air conditioner does not work, but "at least" there are not any bugs! Then we take our mind off of it somehow.
6. In your opinion, what constitutes an adventure? Must adventures include thrills, hints of danger, stepping out of your comfort zone or is it more about learning something new and becoming more aware?
An adventure for this family is anything involving the outdoors! 
7. Name a few of your favorite ways to connect with nature & enjoy the great outdoors as a family.
This has been kind of a goal for our family! Our favorites (so far) have been hiking Kennesaw Mountain, trails in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, and a small trail by our house. 
8. What’s your go-to Georgia Attraction for a day of Family Fun?
Not so outdoorsy, but we love the Aquarium or Children's Museum.
9. When you want to connect with nature, to which GA State Park do you run?
Confession-We've been to state parks in Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina, but none in our fine state. We'll change that this year! 
10. Do you do “staycations?” Tell about the best Georgia Staycation you’ve had with your family.
Our drive down to Savannah was our best Georgia Staycation. We just went with the flow! 
11. What do you love most about living & blogging in Georgia?
I have LOVED connecting with so many amazing Georgia moms and teachers through blogging. That really is the best part! 

Thank you Long Live Learning for letting me be a part of your fun! 

Where is your family's next big adventure?

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  1. Wow! I love reading your interview :-D Although, I must issue a *tsk tsk* for missing out on the amazing Georgia State Parks ;) Some of my personal faves are Stephen C Foster in the Okefenokee Swamp & Sweetwater Creek near Metro Atlanta. I love outdoorsy families and enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing the Liebster Award with me!


Thank you for your comments. Words matter. :)


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