IKEA Day....in Pictures!

Thursday, July 24, 2014
I love IKEA Day!!! 

IKEA Day is when I head to IKEA right before school starts! This year, I ditched the family (love you N and T) and went with one of my best friends! 

Best friend also happens to be a teacher, so it really works out perfectly! Look at all these goodies that are absolutely MADE to be in a classroom!
I can think of 245 things to do with these!
Rugs, rugs, and more rugs!
These baskets were everywhere and kept speaking to me. I didn't buy them, but even looking at the picture now, I want them!
Um....this price? I could.not.believe.it!
In a perfect world, I would have one of these in my room with fabulous labels!

These storage benches were FABULOUS! They came in several colors, too! Plenty of room for two first graders and loads of pillows or books! 

And these? Well, they were just too cool and bigger than they look here!
I heard music when I saw these two storage pieces. Literally, beautiful music filled my ears. Oh the possibilities! 

Last but not least, the main reason behind my trip to Ikea, stools. I bought three of these stackables last year and wanted three more. They are perfect in every way! For around $5, they take up very little space, hold even the wiggliest first grader, and a year later still look brand new! 

I love IKEA and I love back to school shopping! If you do not have an IKEA near you, check out the catalog online

What is on your back to school list?


  1. how tall are those stools? I teach 1st too and have a computer center that I'd like stools for. The tables are set low for 1st graders. I do need to go to IKEA for home things, so I guess I could get school stuff too, right?

    1. They are about 16-18 inches and they do fit under our desks! We use them for read to self, read to someone or to join a group. They LOVE them and they last forever! Bonus:They are super easy to put together!

  2. I teach 1st grade and picked up two of the button rugs; perfect size to accommodate my class of 18 students. I also used the corrugated cardboard magazine file folders for my students mailboxes-perfect size to fit their mail without having to fold anything. I can't wait for my next $200 shopping spree.

    1. I loved those rugs and they were soft, too! You sound like me with the IKEA shopping spree! I'll be heading back soon for sure!


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