Seed Bombs with Mel and Gerdy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
I'm out of town and feel super lucky because several of my bloggy friends agreed to guest post for me! Thank you Mel and Gerdy, Always Nerdy for sharing your super fun science ideas! T and I will be doing this for sure!  

As Gerdy and I were preparing for several marketing ventures this summer, we ended up with an excessive, and I MEAN EXCESSIVE amount of scrap paper.  We wrote this lesson around it in the hopes that we would be able to use it in the classroom with our students and recycle most of the leftover paper.  Alas, state testing and the final days of school crept up on us and we were unable to complete the lesson with our students.  Still left with TONS of paper, we decided to make the best of it and use it with our own little ones... we're so excited to get the Nugget and the two Bears outside and getting their hands dirty making paper pulp and molding them into fun shapes.  Afterward, we're gonna take them outside and teach them all about planting, germination and how plants are an important part of our ecosystem.  

Spring and summer are great times of the year to get outside and observe nature at its best. Many trees, shrubs and flowers are in bloom and it’s so cool to watch them grow from seed to flower. This is also the time of year to plant a garden and what better way to get excited about gardening than to plant your seeds by throwing “bombs!”

In this lab, students create a seed bomb by using recycled paper, water and native seeds. Then they will plant their bombs and keep a journal of their bomb's progress. Students will observe the environment, weather and growth of their seeds. This lesson is great for teaching students about the needs of plants, how germination occurs, for getting kids outdoors during the spring and summer and to get them thinking about SCIENCE!

So head on over to our store and check out this lesson to make your own seed bombs!  It's a great way to get your kids reducing, reusing and recycling, not to mention outside and thinking about science - in the SUMMER! 

Always nerdy, 
Mel and Gerdy

Mel and Gerdy are Melissa Zaher and Gretchen Vikingson, two Atlanta-based science teachers with 17 years of middle school teaching experience.  We love science.  We love science so much, we decided to teach it... and we're darn good at it. 

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