Sheriff Callie's Wild West Party

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Do all kids think about their birthday months and months in advance? Like, in June, is it normal to be planning your January soiree? That is what T is doing! 

All this talk of birthdays reminded me of my best friend Michele's birthday party of the century for her daughter. Seriously-it looked like Pinterest and Etsy got married and had a Sheriff Callie lovechild. (That's a compliment!) Her four year old cowgirl was thrilled! 
The Vittles
Mixed cereal in jars. How stinkin' cute! (tags from Etsy)
Watering Hole
Quick and easy photo booth Michele and her husband made!  Cute kid is her niece, I!
the Bestie and her posse
All photos by Michele's fab sister, Ashley! 
While I know this seems like an elaborate scene (and it was!) my best friend is just like you and me! I'm serious! She's no Martha Stewart! (Wondering if she will read this! Ha!) She looked around and found ideas and put them together and it worked! J had the perfect day! 

I'm inspired! I think T is onto something! I need to start planning thinking about his birthday. I mean, you only turn 6 once, right? 

What themes have you done for your child's birthday? 


  1. I think your Mad Scientist party last year to T was pretty awesome too! Love this!

  2. Seems a great birthday party. Great ideas have shared here. Thanks a lot for that. Actually its 6th birthday of my daughter next week and I have got ideas from here. I am going to plan themed birthday party at one of best event locations. Hopefully everything will go as planned.


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