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Monday, July 14, 2014
We hit Costco maybe once a month and when we do, we always swing by the book tables! We usually find a few fun things, but this weekend we found a nonfiction treasure! 
I am a fan of single Spectrum Readers, but honestly the binding falls apart pretty easily in the hands of first graders. At around $4 each, it stings when they fall to pieces! So imagine my surprise when I found this book of books! For $7.99, this book has EIGHT, that's 8 Spectrum stories in one and the binding is quite sturdy!  (I found the same book on Amazon for around $12 and the sticker price on the book is $12.99.)
I bought the Level One book, but Level Two and Three were available, too. Level One has eight fantastic nonfiction stories ranging from levels E to I. (They are leveled for you, though I think after reading them that they are really F to J.) 
At the end of each book, there are a few comprehension questions, too. Bonus~especially if you are sending this for at home reading.

I've put a sticky tab on the first page of each new book so it will be easier for students to really see there are 8 books inside! 

I think these are going to be a BIG hit with my nonfiction fans and those readers just looking for a  "big book!" You know the ones, right?

T and I have read the stories and he loves them. His favorite is Shhh! Night Animals. It teaches what animals do during the day and at night.

Have you found any book deals lately? Please share! We LOVE a book deal!

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  1. I found a couple of fun books that I think will be good for teaching writing at Ollie's Outlet today. It was my first time there. They have a HUGE book section! I also found a great American Symbols book. I don't know if Ollie's is local or if there are others around. If there are...go there soon!


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