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Monday, July 7, 2014
I'm out of town and feel super lucky because several of my bloggy friends agreed to guest post for me! Thank you Irma for sharing your math ideas! 

My name is Irma and I am the founder of G-Iron Tutor. I am a professional tutor teaching K-12-Undergraduate college courses. I also teach English at my church with my loving husband. I have a puppy named Lasagna and LOVE spinach! Most importantly, I am loved by Jesus Christ. View my business site at: or go straight to my blog on
I am always on the go from one student's house to a college library to an elementary school and back to another student's house. Since I have to travel with my classroom in my briefcase, I love classic games that I can tailor to the age and subject of my students. My latest craze: a deck of cards. has a huge and great list of fun math games with a deck of cards like Subtraction War and Ten-Twenty-Thirty. The best thing about these games is how they get the creative juices flowing! I played War with my 3rd grader and then used the same deck of cards to practice fractions and mixed numbers with my 7th grader. Before I knew it, my kids were coming up with math games all by themselves.
War adapted on the spot to practice mixed and improper fractions!
Here is the link to some second grade math games (but all of these can be tailored to ANY age group or subject!) I did multiplication drills in Spanish with one of my middle schoolers to keep her on her toes. I hope you enjoy the games!

Let us know what you tried with your deck of cards and your students in the comments! I love getting new ideas! :)

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