Over Scheduling the Kid

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
I still consider myself a new mom. T is four ("and a half mom") but since he is our first and only, I learn something new everyday. When thinking about his Pre-K experience, we chose a new school which was a big deal for all of us. We are happy with the decision and T is loving every minute of it! He is there 3 days a week and with grandparents 2 days (being spoiled.) Here he is at school. Yes, they have pony ride Wednesdays. :)

He took swim lessons over the summer and we continue that once a month. He is taking piano lessons once a week and starts tennis (once a week at school) soon.

When I was telling a friend, and hearing myself say these things out loud, I thought, "AH! Am I that person? Am I the over scheduling mom?" I don't want to be that mom! I don't want him to burn out at 4! Mommy Meltdown!

Then I asked a couple of other Pre-K moms and I started feeling better. In fact, I had quite the opposite reaction-"OH NO! We're not doing enough!" Ha! 

I guess parenting is just a see saw and I know I should just go with my gut. He loves it all and maybe, just maybe I have the next piano playing, swim master, tennis pro, president of the United States! 

What activities does your child do during the week?

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