Are you ready for Dot Day?

Monday, September 9, 2013
International Dot Day is just days away~September 15th! Are you ready?

Are you wondering what it is?

Dot Day is a celebration of creativity, courage, and collaboration! It centers around the book (one of my favorites!) The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Check it out and his other works, too! (I am partial to ISH!)

How to celebrate? Join over 1 million people from 71 countries and click here to register! I should note we are celebrating on Monday, September 16th. :)

Now what? Get dotty! 

Here's what we are doing at home:
Reading the book! Can't get it in time? Watch it here! 

Have everyone share something new they are going to try!
Eat dot snacks, eat dot dinner!
Go on a dot nature hunt!
Painting dots!

Here's what we are doing at school:
Click HERE for teacher guide!
Wearing dots!
Finding dots around our school!
Reading the book and retelling to a friend!
Sight words on dots, connecting them!
Designing dots together and alone!
Creating dots on KidPix!
Dot snacks!
Morning meeting~things we want to give a try!
Adding and subtracting dots in math!
Nice notes on dots!
Making a class book!
Sharing what we did with the world via Smilebox!

Celebrate Dot Day at home or school or both! If you have a great idea, please let us know so we can do it, too! Let's make our mark!

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