I Love My Teacher Chair

Saturday, September 7, 2013
I ditched my rocking chair. 

Gone. Done. Donated.

Then I panicked. I wanted the perfect chair. It had to be comfy. It had to fit in the space. It had to be pretty sturdy (first graders can be rough!) It had to fit in with my room. This was a large order friends!

First stop-IKEA. I found one, a club chair. I made my sister photograph me doing a pretend read aloud. She was more embarrassed than I was. But I was able to walk away from it. That's a big sign.

Next up-Hobby Lobby. I found one, it was a rocker. I liked the color, the height, but I was able to walk away.

Tuesday Morning, JC Penney, Big Lots Furniture, and lots thrift stores later, no chair and much despair.

I'd given up. Back to the ol' rocking chair. T and I made one last stop at Staples, "one last stop T I promise! Mommy needs those .25 spirals!" 

.....and there it was. My.Chair. Last one in the store, stumbled upon it (almost literally!) Staples. Didn't see that coming.
I'm in chair love and I did not even think that was possible. 20 days of school later and I'm just as in love as the day I loaded her into the back of the car! (Yes, it's a girl!)

Love. Love. Love. What is your chair of choice in the classroom?

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