1. Do you consider yourself a “Goodwill” blogger?  Why or why not?   Yes, I do. I'm a do gooder anyway, so blogging about it just fits. I only blog about the causes I believe strongly in. I blog for Shot@Life and Donors Choose most often. I also support Autism Research and Cancer Research. 

2.  What good deed have you participated in that you are most proud of? Ooh, this is a tough one. I think I am most proud of our Shot@Life playdates in the park. Friends and neighbors join us for fun, playing, and a photo shoot. We've raised well over $1000.00 to vaccinate children in developing countries. 

3.  What good deed have you participated in that was the most fun/rewarding ?
Supporting other teachers through Donors Choose is very rewarding (much like Shot@Life!) Though I do not see the items being delivered to their classroom, I can almost picture it in my head!

4.  If you could join any goodwill project right now, what would it be and what would you do? I love this question but I just don't know the answer! I wish I could give every child everything they need, all over the world. (I wish big, people!)

5.  Do you routinely give to a charity outside of the blogging world?  Yes indeed! We volunteer with a local organization that supports homeless women and children in Atlanta. We also support Donors Choose, Autism Awareness, Cancer Research, and others. I am a strong believer in helping others if I can and however I can. 

What is your cause? How do you spread the word about it? Please share!