Hopes and Dreams Conference

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
My son's school invited parents last week (his 3rd week of school) for a Hopes and Dreams conference. 

The timer was sitting on the desk, the teachers were smiling, we were running late, it was Monday at 8:00 (what were we thinking!?!) 

N and I smiled and greeted these two lovely women with 50 years teaching experience between them, with whom we have entrusted  our most treasured gift. What did they say? 

"Tell us about T." That was it.

At first it was a little uncomfortable, I mean I had of course prepared for days. N on the other hand was taking the "I'll just wing it approach." :)

I told them he was a pleaser but as an only, he sometimes chooses to play alone in larger settings. I told them he was kind and silly and curious and all boy. I told them he likes to try new foods even though he pretends he doesn't. I told them he has sensitive skin and a HUGE imagination. (Prepping them for any crazy true stories he may later tell.) N told them he is terrified of butterflies. I told them  that T loves my niece A more than all of us put together. We talked and talked. 

They listened. That's all. Sure, they would chime in now and again, but most of all, they just listened.
I was in mommy mode for this conference but I walked away a better teacher. I've always considered myself a good listener, but I will listen more. 

It feels good when someone listens.....especially when it is about your child, your most treasured gift. 

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