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Sunday, September 4, 2011

My friends at Parenting magazine have asked us to think about our children going back to school. I have decided to write two letters. This one is to my little guy. The other will be to my fabulous 14 first graders. Thanks for indulging me. While you are here, consider, joining Parenting’s Mom Congress on Education and Learning on Facebook at to connect with parents around the country who are standing up for great schools. As you know, this is my passion-a great education for not just T, but ALL children! Want to make your school great right NOW?  Enter the Mom Congress School Transformation Grant contest to win $20,000 for your school.

Dear T, my little love monkey,

I think about your first day of kindergarten probably more than I should. I mean, it is over 2 1/2 years away. Still, I find myself watching you grow, looking taller and being smarter. I hear you talking like crazy and noticing things in the world around you. Sometimes I want time to stop. I just want you to be two forever. Oh wait, you just knocked over a cup of tea and are splashing around in it. So let's not stay two forever!

When I think of what I want for your education, I think first of happiness. I want you to love learning. I want your teachers (I already know they will be great) to guide you. I don't want them to give you the answers. I want them to build your confidence but still be honest with you. I want you to be a great kid. You don't have to brilliant (though that would be lovely,) but you do have to be respectful and polite. I want you to explore the world, read books, help others, and try your best.

I want you to play everyday and use your imagination. I want you to love school and I want you to read. I want your teachers to ask for your input and create lessons designed for you. I want them to know what you love and what you have no interest in pursuing. I want them to know you--really really know you. I want you to ask questions when you are confused. I want you to be proud of your hard work-and that means you will need to do some hard work. :)

I have told you this before, but, is not fair. Going into kindergarten with that in the back of your mind might be useful. :) In fact, if you could pick up on that now, it would be even better. :)

I want you to be brave. I want you to have friends and treat everyone the way you want to be treated. I want to not overreact to silly things and support you in your endeavors. That may be easier said than done!

I want you to never ever have to worry about the results of a standardized test. Mommy and Daddy will never ever let your future be determined by scores alone.

I want you to be able to laugh at yourself like Mommy does. I want you to be logical like Daddy. I want you to be loving like Oba, wise like Pops, kind like Granma, sincere like Granpa, determined like Peeper, and fun like Audrey. I think if you can do these things, you will be not only an all star student, but an all around good kid.

And when you one day fulfill your dream of becoming a "real ninja" or "big truck driver," I will be so proud of you. If you decide to be the doctor/teacher that mommy wants you to be-that would be great!

I love you more than the moon and the stars. I love you purple and orange. You mean the world to me.

Love, Mommy (AKA Mom, Momma, Mommanator, Momo)

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