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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I should be very clear and say that I do not miss a day of first grade for just anybody! I LoVe what I do and truly miss being away from my little monkeys. With that said, Education Nation was on the "must do" list and with good reason!  NBC hosts this extraordinary open forum for education gurus, lovers of learning, educators from all grade levels, researchers, corporate partners, and well, those with lots of extra money. The interaction possibilities are right on! During the Teacher Town Hall, teachers, parents, and community members were tweeting, posting on Facebook, and posting on the blog! It was awesome! Check out my tweet on the big screen! We were buzzing in with a response system similar to the one in my classroom. Technology was everywhere! I am hopeful this buzz will continue in the virtual world, as well as, well....the real world.
Have you heard of Jennifer Garner? Yep, the actress from.....Valentine's Day and many more! Did you know she is an early childhood education advocate? I didn't! Check this out! I like her more than ever as early intervention is so close to my heart!
Does LeBron James ring a bell? He is an education advocate too! I was unaware of his campaign-26 Seconds. Every 26 seconds a student drops out of school. How can we sleep at night at knowing that?Want to know more? I did! Look here! (Side note-he was my second crush of the event!)
Actress, basketball player, Secretary of Education....those things go together, right?
Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan had much to say after the Innovation Spotlight with Sal Khan. (By the way, if you haven't checked out Khan Academy-you are missing out!) Duncan has a positive outlook, but knows there is work to be done. I like Secretary Duncan. I do not always agree with the Secretary, but I think he is an ok guy. When he participated in Parenting Magazine's Mom Congress letters to our children, it made my heart sing. This is a real guy. He does not have all the answers, but none of us do. 

Is that all? Nope! There was Brain Power! This intense research made my heart soar and sink at the same time! T is 2 1/2. Half of his first 2,000 days have passed. Wow. I couldn't help but think how blessed we are, but at the same time think of how others have so little. This is weighing on me and I am, of course, coming up with a plan to help young children here in Atlanta. Look at this research! We must TALK and READ to our children. They need to LAUGH and PLAY everyday. If not now, then when? 

For more info on the Brain Power research, click here
Dr. Nancy Snyderman offers tips for grownups too! 5 Tips

Was it all work and no play? No way! Life is too short for that!

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