Thursday, September 15, 2011
T will be 3 in January and so the time is right. The time to share one of my all time favorite (I know I have quite a few) books with him. This is one of the books that I read the very first week of first grade.

Here's how I start the book talk-"Boys and girls, I want to share a book with you and the main character is Grover from Sesame Street." This is met with "what, Sesame Street, is that a board book, blah blah blah." I then say, "I know what you are thinking-Sesame Street is for babies and you are just too old for that. So let's make a deal. If you don't like it when I am done, I will take it home and never ever ever bring it back! Deal?"

Then I read the book and they BEG for me to read it again. Here we are, four weeks into school and they STILL ask me to read the book! "Please don't take it home, please!" :)

Here it is...(click on the pic to visit Amazon)
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I just so happen to also have this in board book and on cd! 

Now, this is one of those books that you MUST read before sharing with your child. You must become a Sesame Street character and go for it! You have to act like you are nailing the pages and tying them down and so on! I guarantee a smile from your toddler, your kindergartener, your first grader, and maybe even your spouse! 

There is a sequel, but much like great movies, the second one just doesn't compare.

Still not sold? Check this out! My Mommy Reads (link to T and I reading the book! Push play and enjoy!)

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  1. Lyssa,
    Congrats! You're a Versatile Blogger!

    (Great that I could comment on the page of my son's favorite book. He is a freshman at Toledo University --- and still talks about "The Monster at the End of This Book". I'm always reminded of this story when I read Joy Cowley's "Do Not Open This Book" to my class.)



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