We Will Never Forget

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Ten years ago today, I was standing in front of 19 kindergartners when I heard the news. No, I will never forget. Here I am, 10 years older....maybe a little wiser, with the biggest change being that I am a now a mother. I can only imagine how that day felt for my mother and all the other mothers out there. We all hurt that day, but I think mothers had a little more pain. Please know that when I say mothers, I don't mean it in the literal way-I mean all mothers and those with a mother's soul. That would be my sister N, she had a mother's soul.

As I look at my 2 1/2 year old boy wonder, I am so grateful, so blessed. I want him to know about this day in America's history, but I wish he would never need to know. I wish it would all go away, but something tells me that is not going to happen. *Sigh.*

T started our day with saying the "pledge of legens." He had us all stand up and say it proudly. He waved "Merica flags" around the den and smiled. He has no idea why and I'm ok with that. We went to  Kennesaw Battlefield for a beautiful display of 3,000 American flags-one for each life lost on this tragic day. We talked to T about America and how great it is to live here. He doesn't get it. He just looked at the flags in awe. He loved it. In 10 years, I will tell him more. For now, I want him to enjoy his innocence. I want to enjoy his innocence too. After all, just 10 years ago-I was just as innocent at age 24.....

My favorite patriotic books for firsties and T!

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