Judy and Eric

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
That's right, we are on a first name basis-Judy Schachner, Eric Wight, and ME! Sorry, I was dreaming and had to pinch myself! Maybe we are not actually on a first name basis, but I did meet both of them at the Decatur Book Festival over Labor Day. My heart was actually racing upon meeting two of my author heroes! You may be wondering, what have these two geniuses created? Get out your checkbook friends...........

You are going to want them all! Judy Schachner is the creator of Skippyjon Jones, named after her very own cat-Skippy.
Product Details Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details and the latest release.....

Product Details
Skippyjon Jones is a curious little cat who daydreams of being a chee wa wa! (I wish you could hear me saying this in my muy muy best Spanish accent!)

No, no, that's not all! She has a set of early concept books for our toddler friends! Skippy does opposites, colors, shapes, and more! Of course, I have read the real Skippy books to T and he loves them. He claps along and has a blast! I think having both in the classroom would be a great help, as they are a higher reading level and everyone will not be able to read them independently (Oish guided reading level.)

Learn more about Judy (first name basis) here-http://www.judithbyronschachner.com/

Now, what about ERIC?
Product Details
Product DetailsProduct Details
This graphic novel series is a big hit with my high readers! I only discovered it at the end of last year! The boys flock to these books and with good reason! The illustrations are amazing, the flow is easy to follow, and the plot keeps you on your toes. They are guaranteed to make you smile! Have I read these to T? Nope. Have I read them to my firsties? Absolutely! 

Learn more about Eric (first name basis) at http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Eric-Wight/46849303amazon.com


  1. Love both of these authors and their books! So jealous you were able to meet both of them! I'm living vicariously through you! Love it. :)

  2. I am doing the blog hop and saw you listed. I subscribed to you via email and would love a follow back!!!! my blog is mywildcrazylife.blogspot.com


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