Monday, August 29, 2011
I am a big fan of Bill Martin, Jr. Then again, who isn't? I mean, he has created masterpieces such as ....
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Wow! This guy is pretty awesome. So I know you will not be shocked when you hear/see/read how much I love his latest creation...............

Ten Little Caterpillars!  Ten Little Caterpillars

Friends-listen up! This book is written by Bill Martin, Jr and illustrated by none other than LOIS EHLERT! Hello! This is a win-win! This is a no brainer---the book is going to rock and it does!!

This vibrant counting book has large print, great for one to one correspondence. The ordinal numbers on each page are a lesson in themselves for preschoolers! The science and nature concepts (classic Ehlert style) are brilliant! The book even has a picture glossary in the back with a brief description of each caterpillar. T loves going back into the book to find the creatures. Look at that, dictionary skills at age 2! :)

Would I read this to my firsties? Yep. Would I put it in my Bill Martin, Jr/Eric Carle basket? Yep. Would you be crazy not have this book? Yep!

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