You know school has started when......

Saturday, August 27, 2011
1. Your Granny calls and asks if you are mad at her because you haven't called all week.
2. Your little sister who NEVER calls, calls to talk about school stuff.
3. You pay a trip to the Walking Store to purchase new shoes so your feet do not go on strike.
4. You don't know about the rebels in Libya or the quake in DC because you have been in the school zone from wake til sleep each day.
5. Your 2 year old says, "Don't leave me Mommy."

Trying to bridge mommy and teacher is hard. I know I signed up for this and I'm so glad I did, but the back to school transition is a tough one. Thank goodness Daddy is awesome. Thank goodness for summers. Thank goodness I love what I do. Thank goodness for Saturdays and Sundays and picking him up early three days a week. Thank goodness we were blessed with the most precious gift in the whole wide world. Thank goodness for T.

PS He is really into 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed....again!

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