Trickster Monkey

Thursday, June 23, 2011, I'm not talking about T this time! I am referring to the little guy in Monkey, A Trickster Tale From India, by Gerald McDermott. My husband is from India, so we especially like to share stories from and about there. T has been to India. He has seen elephants in the wild and been spoiled by nearly the entire state of Kerala! 
Monkey retails for about $12 on Amazon and is totally worth the price! The pictures are detailed and fun. The story is predictable, but not as much as I expected. I had a slight connection to the gingerbread man stories and also to a counting book with crocodiles.

T loved talking about the monkey and the "deelishus" mangoes. I will be honest and tell you that one part of the story involves the crocodile threatening to eat the heart of the monkey. That was too much for this mommy (and first grade teacher,) so I changed the wording. Sorry Mr. McDermott! Maybe when he is a little older!

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