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Saturday, June 25, 2011
I love kissing my little guy. I love his kisses most in the universe! So today we read a book all about kisses--A Book of Kisses, by Dave Ross and illustrated by Laura Rader.  Amazon has it, but only used copies. I bought mine through a Scholastic book order for about $4. That is much cheaper than Amazon on this one!
As you can see, T really enjoyed acting out the different kisses!

There are hello kisses and goodbye kisses, good night and good morning kisses. There are fishie kisses and butterfly kisses, and bubble gum kisses-and our favorite-rubbing noses kisses! The book is long for a toddler, so I needed to adlib a bit (my secret talent anyway!) It is sweet and has family ties which I love, especially with my family out of town! 

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