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Monday, June 27, 2011
I participated in The Sisters Daily 5 and CAFE workshop last November. It was Ashmazing! (Yes, that is a new word!) Implementing Daily 5 has changed everything about reading instruction in my classroom. I know my students on a whole new level! The growth (not just in reading) has been huge!

One of the things that struck me most at the conference was the brain research talk. Now I have read my share of brain research that I did not understand, but this was crystal clear-we only have about 5-7 minutes to share important info with our 6 year olds before they go into lala land. Here is a site The Sisters shared this link at the workshop-Brain World Magazine. It is worthy of a few minutes of click and read!

Another favorite resource was shared again at their Tacoma conference this week (thanks Lori!) I need to look through this again when back to school gets a little closer! Daily 5 Freebies

My book recommends are for teachers and they are, of course, The Daily 5 and The CAFE Book!


  1. you are an amazing person & an awesome teacher. Being a teacher was seriously you CALLING! I cant imagine you doing anything else. You absolutely LOVE what you do, and your enthusiasm about books and sharing them with your students warms my heart! Any child that has you as a teacher is very lucky and will cherish and remember you for the REST of their life!!!!!!!

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    Miss B, Busy Bee

  3. I was fortunate to work at the same school as this wonderful mommy/teacher for two years. She is amazing! Her students were terrific readers, thinkers, and communicators. They didn't necessarily come to her that way but they certainly went to second grade very confident in their abilities. I'll always remember her enthusiasm for children, teaching, and learning. She is a very special person, indeed.


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