Gallop, Run, Swim-Verb City!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011
No surprise here, but when we receive those cute little birthday invitations in the mail, I start thinking of what book we are going to give! I would like to share one of my "go to books for toddler gifts!" Gallop! by Rufus Butler Seder is a beautiful and exciting scanimation picture book! Not sure what scanimation is? Thinking it is another word I made up? Nope! Check it out here on YouTube! Cool, right?

Scanimation blows my mind! I'm serious! When I read Gallop! with T, he is less interested in the mechanics and more interested in yelling the name of the animals and the action-"TURTLE SWIMMING!" It really is cool! The animals look like they are moving. The print is large and includes onomatopoeia,, which makes my heart happy! 

Could this be used in your K or 1st grade classroom? Yes! It is verbilicious! 

There are several scanimation books in Seder's family including Waddle! and even a little Star Wars action! Check him out, you will not be sorry! 

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