Our First Crop of the Season!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daddy arrived home today to find T anxiously awaiting a walk outside. He said, "I gotta water da plants. I a farmer." He alternates between a love of farm and love of jungle, neither of which he has experienced enough to remember.
He was pleased with his crop but did not want to eat the "spicy peppers mommy!" The tomatoes were not quite ready and the strawberries have become rabbit food, but the squash and eggplants are plentiful....well for a toddler anyway!
One of T's favorite farm books is At The Farm. It is a touch, feel, and hear book. He LOVES pushing the buttons and mocking the sounds. I LOVE the simple facts along the side of each page. Though he loves it now for the fun part, I know he will love reading it later to learn more about the animals. I hope the batteries hold out that long!

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