Friday, June 17, 2011
Our nap time story choice was Tails by Matthew Van Fleet. You can pick it up used for about $8 on Amazon. This book is textured and fun. It is oh so special to me because a student in my kindergarten class donated it to me in memory of my brother, John. He would have thought the book was cool. T did too! Maybe a little too cool. After reading Tails, T had no desire to nap. He wanted to make all of the animal noises, "count" the animals, sing an animal song, well I think you know where this is going!

This book is great for all ages. The reading is K-1, the pictures and texture fun are for ages 2 and up. T's dad had to touch the bumpy alligator tail, the shiny peacock tail, etc. It is beautifully done and even led to an internet search for more information about the pangolin. Curious? Click here-scaly anteater! Van Fleet has several touchy feely books available. I want them all! I mean, T wants them all!

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  1. my baby loves touch books too! I need to get this one!!


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