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Sunday, May 31, 2015
Thank you for reading our (almost weekly) series, What We're Reading Sunday! 

I'm feeling like Olaf friends! It's summerrrrrrrrr! 
Summer means even more reading than ever! Wait....I just remembered I have a 4 month old. Ha!! To maintain sanity, I will read! I.must.read. 
I've just finished Zero to Five by Tracy Cutchlow and by finished I mean read through the parts that are relevant to me right now. That's how the book is designed and I really like it. Tracy has taken all of this scientific data and made it super (tired) mom friendly. I'm currently spending a bit of time in the "Guard Your Sleep" section. No reason. :)

I'm also in love with the sections about reading with your child (fist bump Tracy) AND building a growth mindset (see page 58!) It's not just for babies either! The sections on behavior are enlightening, too! This book truly is a resource book!
Zero to Five also features a page from my friend and fellow LTYM cast member, Katherine Stone
The layout of the spiral book is easy. There are little color codes on the side letting you know which age groups the information is directed toward. It's like my phonics manual at school and I love it. This book has moved to the top of "get this for new mommies" list. It's right up there with What To Read When by Pam Allyn. 

I've put Brain Rules for Babies on hold for a minute because I have a <GASP> required reading. I'm part of our County's Leadership team and we've been asked to read Student Voice by Russell Quaglia and Michael Corso. I generally do not get too excited about required readings (who does?) but I have a lot of hope for this one since it is something I am so passion about-listening to our students. I'll let you know! 
Now what about T? Here's what is on his list!
See a theme here? I'm thinking N and I should buy stock in National Geographic! 

As for M, he is reading eating a few board book favorites including this one
Now for the BIG question! What are you reading?

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