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Monday, May 4, 2015
Greg Tang is a math guru. Seriously-he rocks math and makes it even more fun than it already is! He visited our school earlier this year and spoke with parents, teachers AND students. It was awesome learning for all of us! I was on maternity leave but I still attended the teacher part because I just couldn't miss it! N attended parent night and T loved learning with Mr. Tang in the cafeteria! He spoke to all three groups about being thinkers and figuring out how numbers work. He was encouraging and honest-just what we needed!

If you are not familiar with his books, here are a few....
I use them for math talks in my classroom and at home with T. We try to think and talk math as much as possible as a family. I mean, that's what makes sense because math is everyday in our real lives. In the classroom, his books are perfect because I don't have time to read a long storybook prior to my math lesson. Each page in Mathterpieces (for example) stands alone. The kids love seeing "real artwork" and talking numbers. Ok, maybe it is my favorite. 

Greg Tang offers lots for teachers, parents, AND kids on his website, too. Guess what else? It's FREE! He wants us all on the same page, the same math loving page and he is not stingy about it!

Here's what we love!
Just like it sounds, has an amazing word problem generator! You can select the operation, how high the numbers go, and even the missing variable. I'm a BIG fan!

Kakooma is just one of the many games my students and son love! Kakooma is available as an app, an online game, AND you can even print the boards! My kids love the challenge of solving the nine box! 

Greg Tang is also pretty active on social media and will respond to your math questions on FB, email and maybe even Twitter

If you get the chance to hear Greg Tang talk math, go! I do not think you will be disappointed! I'll share more in the fall when he visits us again! YAY!

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