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Monday, May 25, 2015
I'm so excited to be joining several other Georgia bloggers to share summer reading lists! The hardest part of this post was deciding which kind of list to share! Should I go with a rising first grader list? I do have one of those rising first graders (heart break just typing that!) Should I go with a rising second grader list? I do teach 22 of those rising second graders (where did this year go??) Should I go with a teacher list? I've read some good ones! Should I go with a beach read list? Maybe I actually need to be planning a trip to the beach for that one! 

Decisions, decisions, decisions! 

As I read to T last night and he requested the same book followed by another favorite, my decision was made! Here is our contribution to the summer reading lists-books to read again and again!
*This post contains affiliate links in case you want to go straight to Amazon to purchase the books. Of course, buying local is really the way to go! :)
2 fiction + 2 nonfiction = 4 Fantastic Summer Reads!
(Ages 2-8)
When it comes to informational books, National Geographic Kids are our favorite! We have quite the collection and we've been known to share between home and school on more than occasion. These readers are perfect for independent reading, reading with a parent for fantastic questions, and for simply finding the answer to a question. They have jokes, fun facts, pop quizzes, and more! In true National Geographic fashion, they also have amazing photographs! Our absolute favorite is Sharks.

We LOVE Mo Willems around here and could really put any of his books on the list! Since this was one of T's first loves, we went with Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The driver needs a break and pigeon, being the kind bird that he is, volunteers to drive. He tries his very best to persuade the reader to please let him drive even though the driver specifically says, "don't let the pigeon drive the bus." Its a family favorite for sure! These books beg for an animated read and I always try to deliver! Be sure to check out Elephant and Piggie, too! Our favorite is We Are In a Book.
Another series for fact lovers, animal lovers, or those with a sense of adventure is Who Would Win? by Jerry Pallotta. I met Mr. Pallotta a few years ago and admired how absolutely genuine he was. That made me love his books even more! My son and my first graders can't get enough of this series pitting two animals against each other. We talk about how the author had to research both animals to compare their habitat, lifestyle, eating habits, etc so he could determine who would win if they were in a battle. The reading level for these is 2nd-3rd grade, but they are great for family reads, too! Our favorite (so far) is Whale Vs. Giant Squid. 
If you have a 2-5 year old in your house, please meet Jan Thomas. T loved these books and remarked a few days ago that he can't wait to read them to M and that he might, might even go read one to his kindergarten teacher's class next year! The illustrations are vibrant, the text is clever and there are even a few teaching moments in there. We are fans and our favorite is Rhyming Dust Bunnies.

Come see what friends in Georgia are reading this summer and be sure to share what you are reading, too! 

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