Facebook Complaint

Saturday, May 16, 2015
I was told by a friend recently that I'm not "real enough" on Facebook. I asked her to explain. She went on to tell me that I don't share my downs as much as my ups. I don't ever gripe about the husband or being up all night with the baby. She said it makes my life look perfect. After I choked on my coffee, I realized she was serious. 

For some reason, maybe because I just read this post, I really thought about what she said. While I do not want my life to seem perfect (mainly because it is not,) I also am just not one of those people. I'm not a social media griper by nature. I'm private. There is a bit of irony there because I love Twitter, FB, Instagram, and have my own blog, but it is true. I am private. 

When something does not go my way, I don't rush to FB or blast a tweet. I call my husband (poor guy!) If I'm aggravated about him (doesn't happen often,) I call my sister who without fail takes his side (true story.) If I have a bad day at work, I'll vent to a friend. If I'm overwhelmed, I call my mom. I'm a talker and I value the time spent talking with the people I love most. The people I don't see enough. The people who know my whole story. AND if the baby kept me up all night, I don't want to do a post about it-I just want to sleep. 

If you know me in real life or virtually, you know most of my story. You know what I want you to know, what you need to know. I've had much loss in my almost 38 years and it is with me everyday.

To be honest, the jerk pulling out in front of me, T talking back for the first time, a colleague not being so nice, a rough day at school, the hot water heater exploding, terrible cramps, or even the 150% humidity we've had already this year, just are not (usually) worthy of my daily 140 characters.  I'd rather share the "other" in my life.

Not sure what it says about me, but I enjoy what others post and take it for what it is-a glimpse into their lives. I laugh at their stories. I feel sad when they are sad. I worry when they worry. I smile when they smile. I celebrate when they celebrate. I try not to judge. I understand that it is all just a snapshot, a teeny tiny snapshot.
So let me continue to share my cute kid pictures, silly selfies, my little funnies, my ordinary and mundane. As a student in my class said, "Go ahead and click like on that for me." While doing so, please know that there are all of those other things going on, too. I run late. I eat too much. I stress out. I cry. I pitch a fit or two. I have a messy, messy kitchen table. I just rewashed a load of clothes that had been there for two days. There are dishes in my sink....and they've been there awhile. 

I just don't want to type about it. I'd rather talk.


  1. Great post, Lyssa! I so agree with you. I'm not one to post the negative on FB and I believe the majority of folks feel the same way! There is enough negative in our world, let's keep it out of our social media. Let's use it to encourage one another and help them in whatever journey they are on! Have a great week!! Linda G.

  2. Thank you Linda!! I hope your year is winding down smoothly!


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