What We're Reading Sunday

Sunday, April 19, 2015
Thank you for checking out our (almost) weekly post, What We're Reading Sunday!

I finished Brain Rules! I finished Brain Rules! I know I usually start with what T is reading, but I'm so thrilled to have finished Brain Rules! Such a great read friends! Now mommy is moving on to this little treasure.....(while waiting for Brain Rules for Baby)
I've worked with many children diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder and it fascinates me. I am hoping this book will answer some of my questions.

So what about T? He's reading a little Junie B at bedtime and some nonfiction with Rainforest Animals.
We are reading to M, too. Of course, we are reading whatever we want just in a sweet voice. T has figured that out and it is pretty much cracking him up! 

Speaking of M, I was quoted in Yahoo Parenting this week about the age gap between children. Check it out here

What are you reading?

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