Egg Smash Art

Sunday, April 5, 2015
My friend Emily is such a rebel. She camps (not in a cabin) and she makes all kinds of fun recipes (on purpose.) 

Last weekend she decided to have some friends over for some Easter fun. Needless to say, T was thrilled! The invite said to bring a blank canvas, a bottle of paint to share, and a dozen or so eggs filled with paint. Wait....what?!?

She kindly sent us the link to a fun blog, Growing a Jeweled Rose which gave the details! T and I cracked eggs, drained the "guts," and rinsed them thoroughly. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Then, and I'm serious, I made a delicious asparagus and ham omelet with the eggs! True story!!

When we arrived at Emily's, everyone filled their eggs with different color paints. 
We filled them a little more than half way and then headed outside! The kids (all ages!) were soooo excited! They all started throwing the eggs at their canvas and the paint started flying! 
You kind of have to see it to believe it so here you go! 
They each created quite the masterpiece and I think we will make this project an annual tradition! On the way home, T even started thinking of other things we could fill with paint and smash....thanks Emily! :)
T added his own special touches. He lovingly named his piece "Egg Smash."

Here's to friends and fun and making lots of messes! 

...and with that, Happy Easter from our family to yours! 

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