Listen To Your Mother

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
One year ago this week, I was preparing to step on the stage in front of friends and strangers to tell my story-my story on motherhood, my story on sisterhood. 
My fellow writers (that's right, I call myself a writer these days) included storytellers, published authors, comedians, a childhood friend, moms, daughters, and even one amazing man. We became friends this group and I. We shared this common experience. We shared our stories and created our bond. We were brave.
In a few days, people from over 30 cities will take the stage and share their story with Listen To Your Mother.  I'll be attending the one here in Atlanta on April 25th and if you are local, I hope you will, too! 

I'll also be sharing my story again. When the videos were published in July, I was trying to decide if I would watch it. Here we are nine months later and I'm still trying to decide. In the meantime, here it is-my moment of brave, my story, our story, the story of my sister who I miss a little bit more every single day.
Here's to being brave.


  1. Having my sister as my one and only best friend, I feel for you and was completely enamored by your graciousness and love for your sister. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am so incredibly proud of you and thankful to you for sharing this part of you with the world. You are an inspiration. You probably do not realize that with every post and every action, you lead someone else to say... "wow, maybe I could do that too." We love you Mrs. S. We are so grateful for you putting up with that Zoe girl and it leading to a life long friendship.


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