What We're Reading Sunday

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Thanks for checking out our (almost) weekly feature, What We're Reading Sunday!

Oh this book. OH THIS BOOK. My new mommy heart loves this book! My primary teacher heart loves this book. I just love it. Maple by Lori Nichols. 
This is one of those books that must be read closely. The reader can't just depend on the words. They have to read the (gorgeous) pictures and take it all in. The story is just as sweet as sweet can be. Parents to be and teacher friends, get it. Get it soon. 

We're also reading A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham. This one (also with amazing pictures) reminds me of Stuck a bit. What you think will happen continues to NOT happen. Another fantastic read aloud and talk aloud for primary grades. T loves it and I am pretty sure I'll be inviting myself to his classroom to read it soon!
As for T's choice, he picked up this little number the other day. Whose Butt? by Stan Tekiela. Now what kind of mother would let her son buy this book? This one! He giggled as he read the title, he giggled while he read the book the first time, and he giggled telling Daddy all about it. Then, on his own, he went back and read all of the facts about each animal. Boom! That's what readers do! 

As for me, I'm finishing Brain Rules. Yes, I know it has been three weeks since I started, but I've picked up a few reads in between~my students' writings, TIME magazines, and a few blog posts on an array of topics! As for Brain Rules, I'm on Rule 9 and am still loving the book. It is marked up and tabbed and I've gone back to reread a couple of parts because they really speak to me. Those are signs of a good book! 

What are you reading for fun, for work, for family?

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