Spring Break Family Outing

Friday, April 10, 2015
We opted for a staycation for Spring Break this year. We just made a trip to Mobile and have big plans when school is over, so it just made sense. Of course, I can't wait to go somewhere. I mean, I.can't.wait. I love traveling as a family and am always thinking of our next adventure!!

T requested a trip to the Georgia Aquarium because he was hoping to see this jellyfish he had read about a few weeks ago. With a request like that, how could we say no?? 

So we loaded up the boys and headed downtown, to "the city" as T calls it. We had a blast! 
M was really impressed.
T could have stayed here all day.
It's a chocolate chip starfish!
I love this crew!
Love, love, love.
T was all about this octopus!
Maris, the beluga whale is expecting. The employee told us she could deliver any day, no any minute now. That explains T's face! Needless to say, we are on standby for baby beluga updates!
The Georgia Aquarium did not disappoint! They added a few things including the Aquanaut Adventure. Kids walk around with iPads and take challenges as they explore special areas. T loved it. I was a little confused and thought they needed an employee or two in the area to help, but T did not seem to think so! 

They have also added stroller parking. Maybe they had it before and I don't remember, but I do remember tripping over strollers before so maybe not. 

We did not see the dolphin show, as we have seen it before, but we watched the 4D Deepo show (again.) It was a fantastic day. It was great to see how what he loves each time we visit and how his interests have changed over the years. 

The best part was watching T explain things to M. "These are African penguins. Look how small they are. Check out these piranhas. Look at their teeth M."

Now about that special jellyfish....it was not at there. T's thoughts on that? "We'll have to keep going to more aquariums until we find it." 

Happy Spring Break!

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