Too Bad Its Not A Girl

Monday, November 3, 2014
I'm hearing that a bunch with pregnancy number two. Along with, "oooh, were you hoping for a girl?" Another favorite, "a big brother/big sister combination would have been perfect." Then there's the icing on the cake comment, "are you guys going to try for a girl next?" 

Here's the deal friends, while many in our family were pulling for team girl, I was secretly pulling for team boy. I like being a boy mommy. I know how to do it. Hold on, let me go file that under things I thought would never say! 

When I was pregnant with T, I felt like I was having a boy but I wanted a girl. I wanted a girl only because I am a girl and well, I know what to do with girl parts, etc. As soon as the nurse said "outdoor plumbing" and my sister explained what that meant, I was thrilled and I've been thrilled ever since. 
I like boy stuff. I like boy snuggles. I like boy shows and their little boy jammies. I like not braiding hair. I like 5 minute haircuts. I like the boy business and I'm happy to be sticking with it. 

I love looking at sweet little girl babies and sometimes will catch myself cooing at a sweet little girl outfit. But am I disappointed? No way! That would be like complaining about my height. It is what it is and I'm glad it has turned out this way.  I really just want a healthy baby to hold and share our love. 

So no, I was not hoping for a girl. No, we will not be trying again. No, a big brother/little sister combination is not perfect for us, a big brother/little brother combination is. We are a family of boys and this mommy likes it! 


  1. Well said!!! I had similar questions when I was expecting years ago. I totally agree with all that you've written! I have 3 boys myself. I'm happy and blessed to have my 3 sons! Have a great pregnancy and enjoy your new bundle of joy when he arrives!

  2. Ha, when people used to ask me, after two boys, if I was trying again...I'd say, "No way! The next one might be a girl!"

    I have a friend with one of each, and when people say to her "oh wow, so you have the perfect family!" her retort is, "Yes, I do, but it's not because we have an equal number of penises and vaginas in our house." I'm not that bold...but way too much emphasis is put on gender.

    Just live and let live.

  3. I love that you're having another boy! As you know, I have a girl AND boy, and he is something special. If I had a 3rd child, I would want it to be a boy (something I thought I WOULD never say) haha. Congratulations on your family of boys ! xxx ooo


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