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Wednesday, November 12, 2014
I love poetry

I love sharing it with my son, my first graders, and I even enjoy poetry not written for children! (Shocking, I know!)

I was thrilled to receive another Bruce Lansky resource that invites teachers to use more poetry in the classroom! They sent me a copy to review and I'm pleased to is awesome! The book, written with Amy Buswell, is geared for 2nd-5th grade, but I have already used a couple of the activities successfully in first grade!
The book includes 35 poems and easy to follow lesson plans. While I have used some of the plans, I've also enjoyed just sharing some of the poetry with my readers. 

For upper elementary, the poems are very inviting for readers who simply might not be interested in longer texts or their interest level might not be what your library has! The poems are funny and the coordinating skills are right on target! 
This great resource, aligned with the Common Core standards is only $12 through Meadowbrook Press and would be a wonderful gift for a fab teacher this holiday season! 

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