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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
I was invited to review Snap! Learning. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own, as always. :)

As a huge proponent for all things readers workshop, I sometimes find myself defending guided reading. It is a HUGE part of readers workshop and is a best practice for modeling and explicitly teaching students the skills they need to move to the next reading level. I'm a fan. Guided reading is a piece of the workshop puzzle, and it is a biggie!

Snap! Learning emailed and asked if I would like to review their new guided reading program. I said yes, of course! 

I checked out the lesson plans first (teacher hat) and at kind of felt like it was lesson plan overload. I then thought about parents, tutors, substitutes and even new teachers who would really value the extra information. Each book has activities, modeling, practice words, and comprehension checks. The plans are very user friendly AND you can print them along with the books! What a resource! 

I added T to my roster and we went to work on the kindergarten assignments. He enjoyed the variety of books, loved the interactive pieces AND (this surprised me) the word activities. I love that you can use Snap! Learning on the iPad or interactive whiteboard.
T especially loved acting out Up and Down. I loved the dots under the words! So beneficial for new readers!!
My only hiccup with the program is that students are not able to access everything on a computer. That might be in the works, though! I chatted with our media specialist about the possibility of adding this to our iPads. She's thinking about it! :) I think Snap! Learning is a good resource and I think the look and feel of the program are very attractive to students.

I've added a few of my first graders to the program and they are enjoying it as well. The books are easy to print and staple so they can share them with their parents. It is also one less resource for me to track down! It is all in one place and ready to go!

Find Snap! Learning on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest! Reach out to them for a quote, too!

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