Teacher Discount.....from Chevy

Thursday, October 30, 2014
I love a teacher discount as much as the next girl! Our friends at Michael's shave a little off every purchase just like my pals at Aerosoles do. It really is a nice teacher perk and I appreciate these companies for being so supportive of teachers and our not so big salaries! 

I did not know until days ago that Chevy offers a teacher discount too AND that it is pretty good! 
From now until early January, current employees in public or private schools, universities or colleges are eligible for a discount on a 2014 or 2015 purchase or lease. I feel certain rules apply, so check out their site for more info! There are lots of fuel efficient options and they really seem to have a vehicle for almost every budget. 
We just recently purchased a large Chevy SUV (with fuel saving features) and we love it. We weren't ready to be minivan people and Chevy was our best choice for space, safety and quality. N researched it for (literally) 2 years. Our next Chevy purchase just might have to be this little number though! HA!
Thanks Chevy for offering a teacher discount! We appreciate you! Friends, please share with the teachers you know!

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