Kindergarten Homework

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
T's teacher does monthly homework assignments and at first I was nervous. Not so much for T, but for me. I need a little more accountability in my life than once a month. (Seriously, that's why N pays the bills!) We stick to the week at a glance though and we've been far! :) 

We complete all of his assignments in this spiral notebook and turn it in each Friday (confession, we just turned it in for the first time last week~I missed skipped that part of the directions!!)

T especially liked these two activities, so I thought I'd share! For practicing sight words, I wrote them and he dabbed them if he read them correctly. He also added his own sound effects with each dab. 
 For "practice writing numerals to 10," I wrote the numbers first and he traced them with his scented yellow marker (#bestmomever.) He said it was lemonicious. He then wrote them by himself in the yellow and then AGAIN with pen across the bottom. He loved it! (Obviously he is my child!)
I know this post is random, but I'm having a mommy win moment. My kid likes doing school stuff and I like keeping it fun. Maybe those things are related. :)

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