Our Crop!!

Friday, October 10, 2014
We (and by we I mean T and N) planted a small garden this year. They planted several types of herbs, some kind of pepper, a small type of carrot, and radishes. 

T checks his garden often and was quite disappointed that the dill had dried while we were out of town. "I guess we won't be making dill pickles any time soon." (I love my kid.) 

He and Daddy went to check the garden over the weekend and I heard screaming. I put down my tea (yes, I was relaxing on the porch) and walked over. T was ecstatic! His largest crop of the season was ready! 
He plucked the carrots and looked at each one and then asked me to pull some so he could watch. He was dancing around like a little maniac! 

We rinsed them off and asked T how we should prepare them. He decided to go with a "sweet baby carrot" recipe we found online. He and Daddy cooked their crop and enjoyed every last bite! 

That's us~a farm to table family! Ha! I wish! We are trying though! 

Do you have a garden?

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