What We're Reading Sunday

Sunday, May 4, 2014
Every Sunday, we share what we're reading!

T is all over these two treasures! 
This book, made for a preschooler, shows a picture of the feet and asks the reader to guess who has those feet. It's like a precursor to What Do You Do With A Tail Like This? by Steve Jenkins (another personal fave!) 
A sweet parent in my class asked if we wanted the High Fives her son had outgrown. YES! We receive Highlights (and love them) but did not subscribe to this one. Kind of wishing we had now! We are eating through these...solving puzzles, reading the short stories and finding missing pictures. 
If you have books (or High Fives!) your child has outgrown, donate them to your child's school or a local school! I've been the recipient several times and I love sharing with my colleagues! We donate   T's toys to his daycare and he enjoys it as much as the kids!

So what is mommy reading? I'm reading Claire Cook's Wallflower in Bloom. She is the author of Must Love Dogs (love.) I am enjoying the book, but not enough to make time to finish it. Hmmm.....
What are YOU reading?

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