Thank A Teacher

Monday, May 5, 2014
No matter how you feel about Teach for America, you are going to love this! TFA is celebrating teachers everywhere during Teacher Appreciation Week, May 5th-9th by creating the largest "thank you" card ever! 

I love a thank you, both given or received! In fact, some of the most special teacher gifts I have been given are thank yous. The thoughtful notes from current or former parents and students really do mean the most. In fact, I keep them all in my "smile file" and I pull them out on those not so great days and smile. 
I have so many teachers to thank, but I think we all know my favorite is Bill Goodwin, my 5th grade teacher. Thank you Mr. Goodwin for loving my family, for tolerating and encouraging my curiosity, for making a big deal out of me. 

Thank you to T's teachers. Thank you to my amazing colleagues for the work they do everyday! 

Join me by thanking your #bestteacherever on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Better yet, grab a pen and paper and write him or her a thank you letter and put it in the mail! 

Do you have a favorite teacher? How did a teacher make a difference in your life or your child's life? Do tell! 

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