Hellooooo Literacy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
My friend Jen Jones from Hello Literacy presented in Fulton County this week. When I found out she would be just a hop, skip, and a jump away, I had to go! 
I've been a fan of Jen way before we met at IRA a few weeks ago. In fact, I told her I was a fan before she had fans! Ha! #oldschoolblogreader

The teachers participating in her presentation today were so excited! They were engaged, taking notes, chatting on topic, and nodding along with Jen. It was inspiring! The topic was Common Core, but the material was best practices. I loved it! I have my fingers crossed that she will visit our school soon! I mean, how fun is this? 
If you are a K-5 teacher, homeschooler, or parent who just wants to work a little extra with your reader, visit her page! In fact, pack a lunch and plan on staying a while!! There is sooo much GOOD information! 

Do you have another favorite teacher blog? Please share! 

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