International Literacy Day 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Maybe you are like a few people on my team (who shall remain nameless) who have already started making back to school packets and putting together goodies for Meet and Greet. Maybe, just maybe, you are one of those people. As you may have guessed, I am not. I repeat, am not

This post is for you guys though! Seriously, it's all about you and your awesome planning! It may also help me remember if I post it here! :)
Get out your calendar and save this date for fall......September 8th! This is International Literacy Day! NASA and our friends at the International Reading Association have worked together to create a great teacher resource for the big event! Click on any pic to visit the site!
Best part? There are tons of GRADE LEVEL SPECIFIC ideas that you can incorporate in 60 seconds or less! Of course, you probably have all kinds of extra time. HA! 

As many of these are perfect for home with your own kids or school, it is a pretty awesome resource!

We already do way more than 60 seconds of literacy each day! So go ahead and take the pledge! When you do, the amazing packet above will be delivered to your email and your class can joins millions of kids all over the world in celebrating literacy!
Follow along on Twitter with #ILD14 and be sure to tell your friends! The resource alone is amazing! 

and please help me remember! :)

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